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Why Go Natural?

Sweating! No one wants to sweat and feel embarrassed. But did you know that sweating has two crucial jobs?

Sweating/perspiring regulates our bodies’ temperature and releases toxins through the pores. Sweat is just salt and water and does not actually smell! What does create the bad odor is perspiration coming into contact with the natural bacteria that lives on skin. This reaction is easily undone with our organic deodorant.

Antiperspirants, chemical, synthetic and fragrance laden deodorants work to clog up pores and prevent those two functions. The truth is that all these additives are completely unnecessary to avert body odor, not to mention the potential long term side effects. Here is what makes our deodorant better!

What our deodorant does not have?

These compounds help deodorant and other cosmetics, including fragrances, stick to your skin. They also appear to disrupt the way your body produces and uses the hormone testosterone, which is also produced by women and not just men. It plays a role in energy and muscle maintenance. Phthalates could impair reproductive ability in men and could impact fetal development in pregnant women. Research has also linked phthalates to lower IQ’s and higher rates of asthma.

Our products also do not contain any of the following chemicals: Sulfates, BHA, Petrochemical, polyethylene glycol, synthetic dyes, artificial colors, talc, perfumes, DEA, MEA, and TEA.

Your underarms are one of the most sensitive areas of your body. So doesn’t it make sense to keep harsh chemicals away from them?

What our deodorant does have?